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Sample phrases

Hello, how are youSalve, quid agis
Is there anyone?Quis est vita?
I love you really so muchRe tantum te amo
How much does this hamburger cost?Quanti hoc frustrum assae sumptus?
Can You call me a taxi?Te potest a taxi me?
I am sorryPaenitet me
Excuse meVeniam in me
I am interestedego sum interested
My flight was delayedMoram fugae
I am here for businessEgo huc ad negotium
Hello, my name isSalve mihi nomen est
I am sorry, but I am marriedEgo paenitet, ego autem nupta
I would like to ask youEgo similis petere tibi
Can you take me to the airport?Ut ducas unumquodque ad aeroportus ad me?
What is the time right now, please?Quid enim est aetas iam, amabo?
Where is the nearest police station?Ubi est vigilum statione proxima?
Can I borrow your phone charger please?Mutuari possum phone patina placet?
Can you help me?Potesne me iuvare?
Order me a drink, please?Ut mihi bibere, quaeso?
How much does it cost?Quam multa enim cost?
I'm allergic to glutenEGO sum allergic ad gluten
Call a doctorVoca medicum
Is there a doctor?Militia est vita valentibus medico?
Can I have a call?Vocatio enim possum?
Call me your boss please.Voca me dominus velit.
This place is very niceLocus admodum
Take me to the hotel pleaseQuaeso ut me ad deversorium
What is my room number?Quod locus est numerus?

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