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Sample phrases

Hello, how are youሰላም እንደምን አለህ
Is there anyone?አለ?
I love you really so muchበጣም በእውነት እወዳችኋለሁ
How much does this hamburger cost?ይህ ሀምበርገር ምን ያህል ያስከፍላል?
Can You call me a taxi?ታክሲ መጥራት ይችላሉ?
I am sorryአዝናለሁ
Excuse meይቅርታ
I am interestedፍላጎት አለኝ
My flight was delayedበረራዬ ዘግይቷል
I am here for businessእዚህ ለንግድ ስራ ነኝ
Hello, my name isሄሎ ስሜ
I am sorry, but I am marriedይቅርታ, ግን ያገባሁ
I would like to ask youእኔ ልጠይቅዎ እፈልጋለው
Can you take me to the airport?ወደ አውሮፕላን ማረፊያ ልትወስደኝ ትችላለህ?
What is the time right now, please?አሁን ምን ሆነህ ነው, እባክህ?
Where is the nearest police station?በአቅራቢያው ያለ የፖሊስ ጣቢያ የት አለ?
Can I borrow your phone charger please?የስልክዎን ባትሪ መሙላት እችላለሁ?
Can you help me?ልትረዳኝ ትችላለህ?
Order me a drink, please?እባክህ የሚጠጣ ነገር ስጠኝ?
How much does it cost?ስንት ነው ዋጋው?
I'm allergic to glutenከግላይን አለርጂ እወስዳለሁ
Call a doctorለሀኪም ይደውሉ
Is there a doctor?ዶክተር አለ?
Can I have a call?ጥሪ አለኝ?
Call me your boss please.አለቃዎን ይጥሩኝ.
This place is very niceይህ ቦታ በጣም ጥሩ ነው
Take me to the hotel pleaseእባክህ ወደ ሆቴል ውሰደኝ
What is my room number?የክፍል ቁጥርዬ ምንድን ነው?

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